Love Letter to the Distillery District: El Catrin & Other Eats

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Dear the Distillery District,

I love your brick walls (bitches love exposed brick walls.). I love your history. I love your cute boutiques and design/furniture stores. But most of all, I love your food.

Uni: What I've Learnt...So Far

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I spent most of my life waiting.

In middle school, it was waiting until my braces came off, my bangs grew out, and high school came around. When high school came, I started to wait and dream about the day I would become a cool and otherworldly college student, who spent her time sitting and reading in campus courtyards, surrounded by ivy-covered walls. I read a lot of Young Adult books that only reinforced my fantasies: like all those "average"-type girls, my day would come later.

But that day will never come unless you stop waiting.

Mango Berry Smoothie Bowl

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I could write sonnets dedicated to my love for fried foods and all things carb.


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The other week I googled "Best shakshuka in Toronto" and came upon the Wish. I've had the dish a few times elsewhere (memorable: Arts Cafe in Montreal), but wanted to see what Toronto had to offer. One of my best friends, Sara, and I attempted to try Wish out last weekend, but failed miserably due to my poor navigation skills and inability to book a reservation (Sorry, Sara!).