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Call me a cynic, but I had already whipped out my Canada Goose jacket by October 1st, expecting temperatures to drop below zero by mid-autumn. 

But Montreal has been kind to us this year! It's mid-December now, and while these photos were taken a few weeks ago, I haven't traded in my thigh-high boots for my Sorels yet. *knock on wood*

So, my friend, Ana, and I decided to take advantage of the weather and venture outside the four block perimeter we usually stay within. A bus ride later, we were in Old Montreal.

J.Crew Coat (few years old, but here are some similar ones)
Topshop High Neck Top
Zara Skirt (can't find exact, similar 1, similar 2)
Call It Spring Thigh-High Boots
Daniel Wellington Watch

I find that a lot of my outfits are inspired by something or someone, and embarrassingly enough, this outfit felt very Gwen Stacy-inspired to me. It's ok though, let's just admit we'd all rather be Emma Stone. 

After some wandering, Ana and I decided to try out Cafe Tommy, a much-hyped about coffee shop around these parts. Alas, the terrible blogger I am, I only took phone photos of the place. 

Wow! Food photography!!! Despite what my appalling food shot may seem to convey, the food at Tommy was pretty decent, especially for cafe fare. 

Butternut squash soup (delicious but perhaps that's because I was starving?)  + some sort of chicken sandwich (meh) + almond chai latte (would recommend)

Theoretically, Tommy would be an amazing little study spot -- ditch the standard Starbucks and settle down at a marble table at Tommy's? Sounds perfect. But seats were highly limited, noise level was a bit too high for my tastes, and not enough room to spread out and get busy.

Well, good thing Montreal has about 10, 000 other cafes for me to try! Let's hope I won't have to trudge through 10ft of snow to do so!

Photos by Ana Maljkovic 

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